Monday, April 25, 2011

Vacation Rentals - Easier than Hotels

The trend is positively changing and more and more people are opting for vacation rentals instead of hotel accommodation for a variety of reasons. In view of this, numerous vacation rentals have cropped up at almost all holiday destinations throughout the world. With vacation rentals plentifully available for just about every type of families or groups in just about every destination – you will assuredly be able find one that best fits your taste and needs.

As the competition is getting stiff, most vacation rentals have many of the same amenities as hotels. In fact, a lot of vacation rentals have started providing better facilities and comforts than standard hotels. Yet another important factor is a vacation rental is more economical than a hotel – if you intend availing a long-drawn vacation or if your family/ group is large with many kids.

All vacation rentals are invariably fully furnished and equipped with the standard appliances like air conditioner, heater, stove and refrigerator. Your family members will be particularly happy with vacation rentals as they can enjoy greater freedom and increased privacy.

The added advantages of vacation rentals are you can have multiple bed rooms, cozy living room, separate dining area, ample moving space for kids to play around, full fledged kitchen with cooking facilities etc. Remember that eating out regularly can be very costly and therefore cooking your own food instead can result in big cost savings. In short, opting for a vacation rental means you are hiring a home away from home.

It can be stated without fear of contradiction that many vacation rentals offer certain types of amenities that even the majority of hotels do not provide. Again, if your family is traveling with pets, a vacation rental is ideal as many hotels may be unwilling to accommodate your pets. Many vacation rentals will accept dogs and cats if you pay an additional deposit. However, make sure to check on the pet policy of the vacation rental beforehand, as each vacation rental has its own set of rules.

Vacation rentals also provide flat television, DVD, music system, video games, swimming pools and at times even computers with Internet connection. There are vacation rentals available in the heart of the city or in peripheral areas if you are seeking a peaceful ambience away from the madding crowd.

The easiest way to identify and book the vacation rentals in your desired destination is to contact your local travel agent who can help you find the rental that is best suited for you and your family's needs and preferences. There are numerous vacation rental websites that provide exhaustive information and you can also book vacation rentals online.

When booking a vacation rental, it is advisable that you deal with rental management companies than individual property owners. This way, it is easier to crosscheck the background of the vacation rentals and you will get to read many customer reviews. If you choose to avail your vacation during off-seasons, many vacation rentals will offer special discount packages.

Finally, it needs to be noted that with hotels - particularly big chains - you get more or less the same type of ambience. If you and your family truly desire a change and want to stay at a place that embraces the local culture, you should choose a vacation rental and not hotel accommodation.

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