Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have a memorable vacation staying in a Holiday cottage!

Yippee!! Its vacation time!! Everyone loves this part of the year where they can just relax and have fun. It’s fun time for all the kids while for adults its mere relaxation and little fun. For all the busy mommy’s and ever active bread winners, vacation days will seem like heaven where they can spend ample time with their kids, spouse and friends. Vacations are always elating and anxiously awaited. Going out with family and friends for a vacation are some of the most valuable moments in life for anyone.

Among America’s many holiday destinations, one of the most popular one is Florida. Florida is considered as the "sunshine state" which has an amazing climate, especially the southern part of Florida has the typical tropical climate which attracts many tourists to this place during vacation time. So if you’re planning to make Florida your vacation destination, go for it and you will definitely have a blast. Provided you stay in a vacation rental. The major benefit of opting for a holiday rental is that, there are lots of facilities which you will be able to enjoy which is very difficult to find in a hotel. You get the feeling of being at home, home away from home feeling!!

The major advantage of staying in a vacation rental is that you will be able to enjoy a lot of amenities. In Florida there are loads of amazing luxurious villas where you will be spoilt for a choice. So go for the one which completely fulfills all your needs. The rentals here are really very spacious, where it can accommodate large number of people which will be really convenient to bring in your whole family and friends and have a bash.

The real delight of staying in a rental is that they are really very flexible and the choice they offer. When you stay in a holiday home, everything is in your hands where you can do whatever you want. They have a well furnished and loaded kitchen, where you can cook your own food apart from relishing the country’s delicacies in the restaurants. Like hotels there are no specific timings, where you have to be there on time to have the buffet breakfast, here you can cook and eat when you please. Generally these kind of rentals are often seen in the rural side or coastal regions, many of which will be able to help you explore the place and if there are ponds or rivers nearby, you can fish and cook them to have an excellent meal for the day. Cooking on your own can also cut down your expenses on food which you can use it for some other expenses.

Coming to the privacy part of the stay, when you are in a villa, trust me you will have good privacy; this is one of the main reason why honeymoon couples often prefer villas than hotels. There will be no interruptions from cleaners or phone calls from the reception and so on. Therefore anytime, any day opting for a vacation rental is a better choice when compared to any other means of stay.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Benefits of Holiday homes

Holiday-the very word excites.  A break from the monotonous routine is just like standing beneath a cool shower. You will feel like going somewhere, where there is only you and your loved ones. You may also need privacy. Privacy is very important source of enjoyment which adds beauty to your trip.

When you’re planning for a vacation, you may think of taking your family and checking into a big hotel. With so many expenses like airplanes, hotels, car rental packages out there, it’s easy to get sucked into the frame of thinking. You may be worried with so many expenses occurring. You may be thinking how to reduce those expenses. One way to reduce your expenses is by choosing vacation rentals which offers various amenities that most of the hotels do not.

When you’re planning for your next vacation, consider a holiday home instead of a hotel.


When you compare the price of a hotel room and holiday home (vacation rental) for a five day stay you will find the price to be somewhat similar and in some cases the stay at vacation home rental would be considered cheaper. But one difference that you would be amazed to know is that when you choose a hotel room to stay you will get only one bedroom and bathroom to stay, but if you prefer vacation home rental you will get a five bedroom and five bathroom private vacation home rental at the same price or in some cases it may be cheaper in the case of vacation home rental.


If you have decided on a holiday cottage you will find infinite amount of amenities compared to a hotel room. There are some villa rentals that provide various amenities that are included in the price of your rental price. Some of the amenities provided are swimming pools, hot tubs, golf course and at times fishing may also be an available option.

Feel at home:

If you stay in a holiday cottage you will feel like you are staying at home. If you’re staying in holiday home you will get all the comforts of your home. These comforts can relax you after a long day of sightseeing in a pool and you don’t have to share these comforts with anyone but your family. One more advantage is that children can get a separate room and parents can get a separate room.

Get discounts:

Another option for choosing vacation rental is because most professional management companies will have multiple rentals in their inventory and you can get discounts on last minute bookings with value added benefits that has coupons for visiting local places and even complimentary rental car facility.

Before booking hotel rooms do consider villa rentals.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vacation homes- the most popular holiday rentals

People who had gone on a vacation to Florida will overwhelmingly agree that Florida vacation homes have all the advantages to make the vacation memorable.

Whether you are visiting Florida for honeymoon or for your family holiday, there are different types and sizes of vacation rental homes in Florida.

Florida is verily a tourist paradise with splendorous white sand beaches, panoramic landscapes, world famous theme parks, golf courses and many enchanting tourist spots.

Your desire for spending quality time with your loved ones in seclusion and comfort can be fulfilled when you hire a Florida vacation rental home. While staying at Florida vacation home, you can enjoy a greater degree of freedom and privacy and command all types of conveniences that hotel accommodation can not provide.

Besides, when you are traveling as a large group, you may have to book multiple rooms in a hotel and that would mean difficulties in coordinating the activities and this type of segregation will also not be helpful in bonding with one another.

Florida vacation homes are indeed home away from home and you will be provided with well-furnished living room, cozy bed rooms, full-fledged kitchen, dining space, convenient bathrooms, hot tubs, air conditioners, heaters, jumbo television, telephone facility, entertainment systems and a lot more.

The kids will love vacation homes as they will have a lot of space to play around.You can cook your own food cook and avoid eating outside and that will result in huge savings.Some of the Florida accommodation facilities include villas, town homes, beach houses, cottages, apartments, condos etc – each with its own advantages and features. You can opt for the right type of Florida vacation home in keeping with the facilities you need and your budget limits. Vacation Rentals in Florida is a collection of business companies that vie with one another in offering you unique facilities and competitive rates.

To select the best vacation home for yourself and your family from the plethora of Florida vacation homes, it is wise to search on the Internet. Whether you are looking to rent a beach house, a condo or a Florida vacation home big enough for your entire group, the Internet can help you find the perfect vacation home.

You can get to view the exterior and interior of several vacation homes and also collect information about each of them – regarding the facilities, features and price. Availing combo package that includes plane fare, accommodation and car rental can work out cheaper for you.

There are some fabulous luxurious beachfront homes in Florida, with every conceivable comfort that can keep you mesmerized – provided you can afford to hire them.

Please remember Florida has warm weather and is home to many major cosmopolitan cities, that has a mixture of various race and social groups. These cities have many shopping venues that you can visit and buy things of your choice. You should also to occasionally eat out and enjoy a variety of food with local flavor in some exotic restaurants that also serve international cuisine.

You will be well-advised to book the Florida vacation homes at least a couple of weeks in advance to avoid disappointment as there will always be demand for some of the better known vacation homes.

Holiday homes are your joy villas

Holiday homes have become terribly popular and it is the preferred choice of most people going on vacation. The kind of cozy comfort, the extent of freedom, the degree of privacy, the large space and other amenities you get in a holiday home are incomparable. Holiday homes are home away from home and most families find holiday homes as joy villas.

People who have availed holiday homes earlier during their vacation will uniformly endorse the view that a holiday with your family and loved ones in holiday homes would provide an out-of-the-world experience.

Holiday homes have capacious living room, well-furnished bedrooms, dining space, full-fledged kitchen, hot tubs, outdoor area etc. The kitchen facilities available in a holiday home can prove to be a major flashpoint when traveling with infants and toddlers.

All kitchens are fully equipped, and there are also chefs available on demand, and you have the freedom to eat at any time of your choice. This apart, cooking your own food can save you tons of money that you can more purposefully use for your other holiday expenses.

Your children will love the holiday homes as they will have ample space to play around. You need not expect your children to be on their best behavior all the time and they will enjoy the freedom and lack of enforced discipline. Because each holiday home is serviced daily, there will always be some person on hand to help with the domestic chores.

If your group size is large, you will be compelled to avail multiple rooms in a hotel making coordination all the more difficult. If all the family members are in a spacious holiday home there will be better interaction and opportunities for closer bonding. The general opinion is that family holidays in a hotel make the vacation more bothersome and stressed than pleasurable and exciting.

A freestanding holiday home can offer total privacy for the newly-weds, breastfeeding mothers, or parents with children at a difficult age. Most holiday homes provide a host of amenities including air conditioners, room heaters, television, music systems, DVDs, swimming pool and even computers with Internet connection.

Most holiday homes are strategically situated and you can choose the one in peripheral areas if you prefer more peace and quiet or within city limits close to shopping centers and eateries.

Since the business of holiday homes is growing tremendously, the owners also vie with one another to increase the type of amenities, provide additional features and offer competitive rates. Some of them may even offer discounts and special packages.

Therefore, do not wrongly assume that holiday homes are expensive and unaffordable. If you search the Internet, you will come across a plethora of holiday homes at varying price range. In keeping with the trend, almost all famous travel destinations in the world now have a variety of holiday homes.

Vacations have to something refreshingly different and perfect in terms of all the amenities and comfort measures so that your family members will enjoy and long remember the vacation. There is no better way of achieving this than choosing to spend the vacation in a vacation rentals  instead of occupying congested hotel rooms.

Thebestvillas - Tips for Florida Holiday homes

Florida holiday homes are considered an eye-catching summer vacation option. When people think of beach vacations, Florida will be the first place that comes to mind. Because of weak southern real estate market and weak economy, beach destinations have become an eye-catching summer option. Since prices of Florida holiday homes have come down, it attracts more vacationers all over the year.

Florida has beautiful beaches on its east coast, west coast and Panhandle. Florida Keys are popular for its beaches, diving and fishing. Each area is popular for certain quality 

• North eastern Florida beaches are well known for its hard packed sand and it is great for walking
• The West coast is known for calm tranquil waters and sandy beaches.
• South Florida Beaches for its tropical blue green waters.
• Panhandle beaches are well known for its white sand, blue waters and relaxing atmosphere.
• Keys are popular for 5 different types of fishing.

Keys is an archipelago of 100s of islands, but are divided into 3 vacation areas: Upper keys, Middle keys and lower keys. Each has its own charisma. Keys can accommodate any type of budget. One can stay on the ocean side but the best sunsets are on the bay side. One more benefit of bay side is that there are copious sail boats, hotels, homes and restaurants that make viewing interesting after the sun goes down. If you’ve limited money you can go in for Florida holiday homes and enjoy the vacation. Florida Keys is economical, relaxing also interesting. There is wide range of activities, sights, sounds and people to see and things to do.

If a person is planning for vacation, he/she can find tremendous accommodation information over the internet. A person can get best hotels in that area and book a room through hotel's site. However, even a holiday homes or private home can also be booked online and in some cases, real estate firms also can handle this transaction, in addition.

Main advantage of a vacation rentals or condo is that a vacationer gets heaps of space and can bring in more people to stay with him. The cost per person is generally much lower. For instance, if you book vacation rentals in Florida, around 15 people can stay in a room. All the rooms and condominiums will have modern cooking facilities. And, most of the homes have multiple bathroom facilities along with other amenities like swimming pools and steam rooms.

The best thing about Florida vacation homes is its cost. If you are planning to stay in vacation rentals it may cost half or less of the price of a pair of hotel rooms. Besides, there is full kitchen facility you’ll not have cooking problem. In such a way, you can save over restaurant fare.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation Rentals - four tips for a homey atmosphere

Florida Villas

When staying in vacation rentals you've the option of hiring a cleaning staff, especially if you are staying in a big place. You can also opt to clean your own lodgings. Most times you don't have time to clean up, especially when you’re visiting the place for a short time, because family reunions and family gatherings are important aspects of life, in spite of hectic schedule. You can opt to hire a cleaning staff for a fee so your vacation rentals home is hygienic all the time.

On the other hand if you wish to clean your own vacation rental together with your family to maintain a homey atmosphere there are a few tricks on how to do it fast.

First, you’ve to make it sure that holiday villas provide cleaning implements. If there is none, you can negotiate that cleaning implements be included in the package. If it is not, you can get a small vacuum cleaner, static dust cloth, also a cleaning car cloth, useful in different parts of the rooms. Don’t forget to buy detergents, insect spray, baking soda and gloves.

Second, remind the vacation rentals maintenance to provide you with the right number of trash bins. In places like in Asia, not all parts of the city are taught to segregate garbage. This can cause lots of insects, and pesky pests. When insects abound there is decomposing organic materials around, such as thrown food, and wet vegetable peels. Request for 3 dustbins, for plastic cans and bottles, biodegradable objects and e-trash like CDs and so on...

Third, if you're travelling with your family without a household staff, allocate members of the family for specific tasks. Clean at a specific time together, for instance before leaving for a mountain trek all chores has to be finished already. This may require lots of discipline but this can work. Otherwise you'll have to hire a nanny to help you out finish off all the cleaning. If you've your first baby, your husband has to be requested to help out in the household chores. When things gets busier hire help to keep your sanity and enjoy your holiday.

Finally bathrooms should be kept clean and dry by providing appropriate rags for drying. Instead of leaving your bathroom wet, leave it clean and ready to use for the next individual.

How to Avoid Pests and Insects in Creeping into your Vacation Rentals?

Pests and insects are essential creatures needed for decomposing elements. Having pests and insects in your vacation rentals is a sign that there is decomposing substance around the corner. Proper disposal of waste is the best way to have clean vacation rentals, even if you are far away from a clean home.

Encourage family members and friends to throw trash in the garbage. Assign someone to throw the garbage often out of the unit, in the village garbage or common garbage area, where trucks collect them every day.

Unluckily some places garbage is collected only at specified time. Seal them to keep of pesky creatures.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vacation Rentals and Holiday Cottages in Florida

Florida is one of the most visited places in the United States. It has a variety of attraction one can enjoy with family and friends. The serene blue water of the Gulf Coast has the ability to enchant all, with its mesmerizing natural as well as scenic beauty. The Florida Keys are a beach lover's paradise. The Atlantic Coast and city of Orlando are 2 of the most visited places in Florida. The most important as well as the most well-known attraction in the region is undoubtedly Disney World. It is a fantasy world where everything is adventure and entertaining.
Florida Villas

There are lots of agencies that offer affordable and fun-filled Florida vacations. These agencies have a wide variety of vacation rentals, including rental homes, holiday villas and holiday cottages. Most of the vacation rentals are all directly from property owners. One is bound to like the discount packages on Florida vacation rentals, thanks to their reasonable price, level of comfort and the amount of satisfaction they deliver.

These agencies can arrange just exactly the type of vacation one would like to spend. The exclusive Florida golf vacations and Orlando vacations are always well-liked. The rental villas, condos and homes stretching over 800 miles of beach are overwhelmingly desirable for those who desire to escape into a paradise of relaxation.

Places in Florida like Alligator Point, Amelia Island, Anna Maria Island, Blue Mountain Beach, Boca Raton, Bonita Beach, Bonita Springs, Boynton Beach, Cape San Blas, Captiva and other such areas are not completely natural, but the very sight of the horizon blurring its way through the sea and the skies is spellbinding.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Which is best- vacation rentals or hotels?

Florida Villas
When travelling for vacation holidays, the thought that comes in to your mind is the accommodation and when selecting the place for accommodation, there are lots of places to stay and finding the best one may seem quite hard. Based on the length of your stay, select the best place. If you are going to stay for long time, then vacation rentals is best. The vacation villas have all the amenities and facilities and it may suit you best if your stay is for long duration. 

In hotels, every time you need to check in and check out and when you go and especially if you’re splitting the cost among several families or a group of friends, you’ll usually find that it’s more economical to rent a mid-priced vacation property and split the cost than it is to book multiple hotel rooms. You can save your money in many means if you book for holiday villas because you can prepare your own meal and your children may find more comfortable in vacation villas than hotel. In hotels they will be confined in a small space, but in holiday homes, they will be more comfortable in different rooms. Over all the vacation rentals is best and beneficiary.