Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lugano vacation rental apartment, Switzerland

Lugano vacation apartment one of the best holiday rental in Switzerland. It is located in the Southern Region of Switzerland on the Lake Lugano. The city is nick named the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” by the celebrities and entertainers who has visited this beautiful city. 
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People can reach this vacation rental in just few minutes from the center of Lugano. The construction area of this apartment is 100 sqm. This apartment has very pleasant and beautiful natural surroundings, a spectacular view of the lake surrounded by mountain ranges.
It has  2 bedroom with 4 sleeps and an attached bathroom to it. Rooms are well maintained and spacious enough to accommodate a big family. Total relaxation is guaranteed as it has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool attached to it. 
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It will be a favorite place for people who love photography and also to people who scenic environment. The Lugano airport is just a 7 km drive from a this apartment, the nearest beach is jus a 5 km away from the apartment. So this rental is very accessible and gives a warm feel to the guests. 

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