Thursday, November 24, 2011

Casa La Habana – The Independent Rental House

Cuba Rental Casa La Habana

Casa La Habana is one of the famous country home in Cuba. It was built in 1912 with wood , few years later it was destroyed by a tornado. The Current structure was build in 1944 with concrete. In 2008 it was again renovated and restored.
This is an independent house in the location as there are no other houses nearby. The special feature of the house is garden in front and behind the patio which resembles a small island in the countryside.
The renovated building has a new small room and a bathroom with separate entrance. The garden has been extended and a 200sqm playing area is available for relaxation. Arrangements are made to have your breakfast next to the patio under a canopy of passion fruit.
Spacious Yard is available to park your own or rented cars. Television set, telephone lines and internet facility with computer are available in this independent vacation rental. A separate cell phone line for calling local Cubans is also provided.
Camera Esterna Indipendente and Camera Interna are the two types of apartments available in this house. Camera Esterna Indipendente is suitable for 2 person. It has a single bedroom and a bathroom. Wheel chairs are not accessible in this apartment.
Camera Interna is more spacious and is suitable for 3 peoples. It has a single bedroom with 2 sleeps and a bathroom. Wheel chairs are accessible in this apartment.
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