Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation Rentals - four tips for a homey atmosphere

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When staying in vacation rentals you've the option of hiring a cleaning staff, especially if you are staying in a big place. You can also opt to clean your own lodgings. Most times you don't have time to clean up, especially when you’re visiting the place for a short time, because family reunions and family gatherings are important aspects of life, in spite of hectic schedule. You can opt to hire a cleaning staff for a fee so your vacation rentals home is hygienic all the time.

On the other hand if you wish to clean your own vacation rental together with your family to maintain a homey atmosphere there are a few tricks on how to do it fast.

First, you’ve to make it sure that holiday villas provide cleaning implements. If there is none, you can negotiate that cleaning implements be included in the package. If it is not, you can get a small vacuum cleaner, static dust cloth, also a cleaning car cloth, useful in different parts of the rooms. Don’t forget to buy detergents, insect spray, baking soda and gloves.

Second, remind the vacation rentals maintenance to provide you with the right number of trash bins. In places like in Asia, not all parts of the city are taught to segregate garbage. This can cause lots of insects, and pesky pests. When insects abound there is decomposing organic materials around, such as thrown food, and wet vegetable peels. Request for 3 dustbins, for plastic cans and bottles, biodegradable objects and e-trash like CDs and so on...

Third, if you're travelling with your family without a household staff, allocate members of the family for specific tasks. Clean at a specific time together, for instance before leaving for a mountain trek all chores has to be finished already. This may require lots of discipline but this can work. Otherwise you'll have to hire a nanny to help you out finish off all the cleaning. If you've your first baby, your husband has to be requested to help out in the household chores. When things gets busier hire help to keep your sanity and enjoy your holiday.

Finally bathrooms should be kept clean and dry by providing appropriate rags for drying. Instead of leaving your bathroom wet, leave it clean and ready to use for the next individual.

How to Avoid Pests and Insects in Creeping into your Vacation Rentals?

Pests and insects are essential creatures needed for decomposing elements. Having pests and insects in your vacation rentals is a sign that there is decomposing substance around the corner. Proper disposal of waste is the best way to have clean vacation rentals, even if you are far away from a clean home.

Encourage family members and friends to throw trash in the garbage. Assign someone to throw the garbage often out of the unit, in the village garbage or common garbage area, where trucks collect them every day.

Unluckily some places garbage is collected only at specified time. Seal them to keep of pesky creatures.

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