Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guidelines to Know about Vacation Rentals

Opting for vacation rentals instead of hotel accommodation is an intelligent choice particularly if your family size is large or you are traveling with a big group of friends. When you decide in favor of vacation rentals - you can make big savings, avail a lot of amenities and enjoy a greater degree of freedom and privacy.

Here are some guidelines about vacation rentals to help you arrive at a more informed decision when you plan your next vacation.

• The first obvious step is to select your vacation destination. If you want to spend less on accommodation and save money for other holiday expenses, it is best to scout for economically-priced vacation rentals.
• You will come across several tempting offers online and you may compare rates and study the location of the property, amenities provided, and the number of bedrooms available and choose the best according to your preferences, needs and budget limits. Book online at least a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Try if possible to avoid the peak seasons.
• There are many websites of vacation rental homes that not only list out the features but will also show you visuals of the exterior and interiors of the house. This will help you get a feel of the place and whether it is in line with your concept of a holiday accommodation. Make sure ou exhaustively check on the Internet before you choose any one rental company.
• Look on the web to see if you can locate any reviews from other guests who have used the same vacation rental you are considering. If you see anyone making serious complaints, then it is advisable you look for a different company. Try to choose the one that has favorable reviews with little or no adverse reporting.
• Most of the online vacation rental sites will accept payments by credit card or PayPal or any other payment gateway. But before effecting advance payment, make sure that it is a reputed, reliable and legitimate company offering vacation rentals and they are in the business sufficiently long.
• Ascertain from the owner or manager for any discounts and/ or special packages available. Check out the cancellation policy, breakage deposit, refunds if leaving early and penalty for late return of key. Find out if charges for pool heat and hot water, Internet and phone, electricity and gas, the use of spa and swimming pool are additionally payable.
• Get the necessary clarifications about security deposits on how much is demanded, what the refund terms are and what amount is likely to be withheld for damages. The deposits can be of different sorts – reservation deposit, security deposit, pet deposit etc. Please also ascertain the payment schedule as many vacation rentals may accept part payment as advance and balance amount upon leaving.
• Location of the property is another key issue. See if the property is near to city center and easily accessible to all tourist spots, shopping malls and restaurants. When the house is in a prime location, it means more savings in terms of costly transportation fares as well as minimum time spent for commuting and less physical fatigue.
• If you plan carrying your pets on your vacation, search for the pet-friendly sites that allow bringing of pets and make sure there are separate enclosures for the pets to stay - particularly when you and your family members go on sight-seeing activities.

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