Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dunk Island Resort – Ideal Family Holiday

Escape to Dunk Island Resort, Australia for an absolute holiday experience. This is one of the eye-catching and breathtaking rain forest Island in Australia. This island resembles a perfect holiday vacation place for both big families and couples.It offers much entertainment say, luxury beach resorts, palm-fringed seas etc. Somehow it gives an endless and living adventure...Many of the people used to call this place as Coonanglebah, which means “The Island Of Peace and Plenty”, and some call it as Tropical Island Paradise.

Many special features and holiday activities are been offered here, luxurious spa treatment, Great Barrier Reef diving, golf course etc are some of them.It also offers many tranquilled beaches which are very much suitable for fishing.

Coming to the accommodation in Dunk Island there are two best homes.
1. The Genki Gecko.
2. The View.
Genki Gecko is a cool holiday home located at the mission beach with a large salt water pool in front. It is too good that each and everything will come near our fingertips. There are three beds say a king bed, queen and two single cots. The hall consists of a big sofa, LCD TV with DVD and stereo etc…

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